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ISO 31030: Safeguarding your International Workforce


ISO 31030:2021 Travel Risk Management| Ensuring Compliance for Swiss Organisations

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Executive Summary

The Travel Risk Management sector has evolved significantly in recent years, primarily driven by complex health and security incidents. These developments have necessitated regulatory changes and escalated the need for a robust response. In September 2021, the ISO 31030 – Travel Risk Management Guidance was published as a critical expression of this requirement. Its primary objective is to establish a global standard which is applicable to organisations, irrespective of their industry or size. The aim is to help safeguard the health and security of employees while minimizing operational, legal, and reputational risks associated with work-related activities when business travellers are away from their usual workplace.

Ready to Elevate Your Travel Risk Management?

Created in partnership with the Association of Swiss Travel Management and r&associés avocats, this whitepaper from the International SOS Foundation explores recent advancements in the Travel Risk Management sector. It investigates the implications of these changes on Swiss companies and their obligations in fulfilling Duty of Care.
Download the whitepaper now to delve into the evolving landscape of Travel Risk Management. Uncover the impact on Swiss companies and gain insights into fulfilling Duty of Care obligations. Don't miss out on discovering the fundamental steps outlined in the ISO 31030 guidance and a systematic approach to travel risk management.


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A Systematic Approach to ISO 31030

To cultivate a positive company culture and ensure effective travel risk management while adhering to Duty of Care best practices, a systematic approach is essential. This entails developing, implementing, assessing, and reviewing an integrated and tailored travel risk management system aligned with the new ISO 31030 Guidance. This system should be adaptable to specific operational and organisational requirements at all stages of travel. 

  1. ORGANISATIONAL PREPAREDNESS: Define the scope, aims, and tasks to mitigate the organisation’s risks. 
  2. PREPARING FOR TRAVEL: Identify and assess the risks to determine the mitigation measures and authorisation requirements. 
  3. DURING TRAVEL: Provide consultancy and communication, prepare the response to incidents. 
  4. POST TRAVEL: Determine the goals for the period following an illness, as well as correct procedure for employees returning from travel due to a medical emergency or other causes.
  5. REVIEW AND AUDIT: Define the goals for reviewing the programmes and checking their efficacy

ISO 31030:2021 Travel Risk Management Guidance for Organisations

Dive into a comprehensive overview of the recently introduced ISO 31030 guidance in our latest video. This informative content breaks down the key objectives and significance of ISO 31030 for organizations, shedding light on its role in enhancing Travel Risk Management. Additionally, discover practical insights as the video provides a direct link to an ISO 31030 self-assessment tailored for organizations. Uncover the essential elements that empower businesses to evaluate and strengthen their risk management practices in the realm of business travel.

Building a Travel Risks Management Programme in an Evolving Risk Landscape

Entitled "Building a Travel Risk Management Programme in an Evolving Risk Landscape", the International SOS Foundation has designed a CPD accredited course to provide individuals responsible for, or part of their organisations travel risk management team with the competencies necessary to enhance their travel risk management (TRM) programme to address the components of ISO 31030. The course will equip stakeholders with the practical tools necessary to develop or update their travel risk management policies to address the most pertinent health and security risks impacting their workforce. Secure your spot for the upcoming courses:

28 - 29 February - Register HERE

23 - 24 April - Register HERE