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Emotional Health Support to an Insurance Company’s Workforce in Ghana


Building A Mental Health And Wellbeing Programme Amidst Ongoing Pandemic


Workplace mental health has been a rising concern for organisations even before the pandemic. More business managers have extended their Duty of Care agenda to include employees’ mental wellbeing. According to World Health Organization’s data, the global economic loss caused by employee depression or anxiety is as high as US$1 trillion each year.

The pandemic along with the waves of COVID-19 variants have introduced new stress factors to global workforce and causing the toll both on employees as well as the employers. Integrating employee mental resilience programme into organisations’ holistic wellness and health agenda has become more than ever eminent.   

In this one-hour special briefing on “Building a Mental Health and Wellbeing Program Amidst Ongoing Pandemic” , our guest Occupational Psychologist and Medical Director share: 

  • Update on the Omicron variant and its impact on your workforce
  • Mental health issues at the workplace and triggers may exacerbate the problems
  • What organisations should do NOW? 
  • Q&A Session

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