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International SOS Medical Complex View from Outside

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

International SOS Medical Complex


65 members of staff including expatriate Senior Medical Advisor, along with GPs, OH Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Pathologist, Radiologist, Lab Technicians, Internist, Radiographers, Paediatrician, Gynaecologist, ER Physicians, Pandemic Manager and Nurses.

Languages spoken include English, Arabic and Urdu.

Emergency Medical Services

  • Ground Ambulance Services

  • Emergency Services

Medical Care Services

  • Infectious Disease Management

  • Dentistry Services

  • In-house Diagnostic Services

  • Radiology Services

  • Referrals to Specialist Services

  • Observation Room(s)

  • General Practitioner Consultations

  • Gynaecology and Paediatrics

  • Opthalmology

  • Internal Medicine

  • Orthopaedic Surgery

  • Pulmonology and Trauma

Occupational Health Services

  • Dedicated OH facility

  • OEUK Certified Medical Health Checks

  • Health checks (incl. periodic, pre-employment and return-to-work)

  • Fit-for-work & Work Visa Medicals

  • Risks & Health Awareness Sessions

  • Food Handler Medicals

International SOS Medical Complex

Contact our clinic reception for more information on our services and to book an appointment.


Tel: +800 5000 150



Address: Prince Sultan Road, Al Jowhara, Khobar, Saudi Arabia

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