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In-Person Event

Switzerland | Risk-!n Event for Risk Professionals

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About the Event

The International SOS Swiss Team is participating in the Risk-!n event in Zurich. The team will have a booth and host a session on Pre-Crisis Management in high volatility environments.

The session, led by Gautier Porot, the Global Crisis Management Practice Leader at International SOS, is titled: “Transform Uncertainty into Strategy in Volatile Ecosystems – Mastering Pre-Crisis Foresight". During this 35-minute session, participants will explore critical pre-crisis activities in today’s highly volatile and interconnected ecosystems. Gautier Porot will emphasize the importance of early detection and response to systemic risks and delve into strategies for identifying and interpreting weak signals amidst chaotic situations.

This session is particularly valuable for professionals navigating complex, rapidly changing environments, providing insights on maintaining agility and foresight. By attending, participants will learn how to anticipate and mitigate potential crises, reinforcing their organisation’s resilience in an ever-evolving global landscape. Register now to secure your spot.