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Asian business woman drying sweat her face with cloth in warm summer day hot weather


Surviving the Swelter, Weathering the Storm: Protecting Your Business and Workforce


Temperatures soared above 40 degrees Celsius in some South-East Asian countries in March and research has predicted heat waves to become longer, more frequent and more intense. Some Asian countries are also bracing themselves for the upcoming monsoon season which may bring about floods in urban areas. How can organisations with operations in the region prepare themselves and their workforce for these extreme weather events?

In this webinar, our medical and security experts discuss

  • South and South-East Asia regional outlook in the next 6 months
  • The impact of heat waves and the monsoon season on businesses
  • What organisations can do to support their employees
  • Health and safety tips for travellers in the region


  • Dr David Teo, Regional Medical Director, Asia
  • Kareena Samtani Senior Security Specialist, Assistance, Asia