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Malaysia HC360 Event

In-Person Event

Kuala Lumpur | Digitalising Occupational Health and Wellbeing

About the event

Did you know that healthcare expenditure is currently at 10.89% of global GDP? And specifically for Malaysia, it has risen to 4.12% of its national GDP, consistently increasing over the past 20 years?1 The rise in healthcare costs can be attributed not merely to sickness and ill health, but also from medical incidents in the workplace. And while workplace safety is heavily regulated by governments, regulations around wellness remains a grey area, where a lack in overall wellness among employees can give to increase medical incidents.

As healthcare costs continue to rise each year, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to provide accessible healthcare benefits to their employees, thus impacting their ability to invest in other areas of the business. Meanwhile, the real cost of poor workforce health and wellbeing goes beyond just how individuals feel, but resulting in increased sick days, reduced work performance, burnout, and higher turnover rates, hence lower productivity and profitability for businesses. Even with most companies already having some measures of health checks and wellbeing programmes in place, organisation leaders should continually ask themselves:

  • How well do we truly understand our employee's health?
  • Why do we see such low ROI and participation from our employees in these programmes?
  • What can we do to reduce healthcare costs and streamline our programs with measurable benefits? 

Join us on 9 May in Kuala Lumpur to explore the latest developments at International SOS in answering these questions and more. We will be sharing how you can make the most of your employee's unanimous health data and trends via a robust digital platform to design and deliver bespoke end-to-end health checks and occupational wellness activities targeted at addressing and mitigating actual risks, but more importantly, doing so without digging deeper into your healthcare budget and may potentially result in cost-savings in the future. Additionally, we will also share our new nearshoring initiatives by providing Near-Patient Support Services for your travelling employees or assignees and their dependents in need of assistance far from home. 

This is a complimentary event. Morning refreshments & lunch will be served

  • Dr David Teo, Regional Medical Director, Asia, International SOS
  • Dr Athenais Sivaloganathan, Health Advisor, Health & Wellbeing, International SOS
Who is the event designed for?
  • HR, Health & Safety, Wellness, General Management, Business Continuity, Security, Travel, Risk Management

1. Source: The World Bank

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