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In-Person Event

Germany: Workforce Resilience Day 2024

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Join us for the first edition of our Workforce Resilience Day 2024 Event Series.

The event will feature lectures, interactive workshops, and best practice examples on the following topics related to the health and safety of your employees:

  • Effects of the permanent crisis on employees and what companies can do (mental health, duty of care, etc.)
  • Crisis management: Recognizing creeping crises early - reading and interpreting weak signals
  • Poly-crisis: Minimizing risks and seizing opportunities
  • Climate change: How can organizations meet the risks caused by climate change?

In addition to the informative sessions, you will also have the opportunity to take a tour of the studios after the workshops and see how news are made at SWR in Stuttgart.

Who should attend?

The event is aimed at those responsible for security, personnel, occupational safety/HSE, risk, and travel management.

Register now to secure your place and network with peers from other organisations!