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Germany | ISO 31030 Travel Risk Management Standard

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The number of business trips is increasing significantly again. But what initially sounds positive has a catch: the safety and health risk for travellers has also increased. This makes it all the more important for companies to put their travel risk management processes to the test in depth.

While many companies have been dealing with travel risk management for years or decades, what is new is a standard that finds application and validity at the international level. What was previously based on national laws and recommendations has now been standardised across countries.

Find out more about ISO Standard 31030 for Travel Risk Management from our health and security experts during our web-meeting:

  • Why should Travel Risk Management be a matter for the C-Suite?
  • What is new about this ISO Standard?
  • How do you maintain your Duty of Care even in the face of increasing complexity?
  • How do you ensure your Travel Risk Management and related policies meet the new standard?