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AMERICAS & EUROPE | Risk Outlook 2023 - Travel


In this webinar our experts explored the Travel forecast for the new year, helping your organisation plan for the unplannable.


  • Hany Bakr, Senior Vice President Aviation Security and Maritime - MedAire International
  • Holly McGurk, Security Director Information and Analysis
  • James Robertson, Security Director ANZ
  • Dr Stefan Esser, Regional Medical Central Europe
  • Dr Jane Muir, Medical Director Occupational Health

This webinar is part of a deep dive series, unpacking each of International SOS' top 5 predictions for the year ahead. Our upcoming sessions include:

  • Mental Health Webinar - 30 May - 2PM SYD | 2PM LON
    Workforce wellbeing, and introducing the happy at work equation (A+B+C)-D. 
  • Intelligence Webinar - 21 June - 2PM SYD | 2PM LON
    Timely, accurate, trusted, actionable – the power of intelligence & analysis in decision making.

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