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ISO 31030 training


EUROPE / AMERICAS | ISO 31030: Building a Travel Risk Management Programme in an Evolving Risk Landscape


The April session of the course is sold out. An upcoming session will take place on 5 & 6 June. More details will follow in the coming days.

This ISO 31030 training course was designed to provide individuals responsible for, or part of their organisations travel risk management team with the competencies necessary to enhance their travel risk management (TRM) programme to encompass ISO 31030:2021. The six hour course, delivered virtually will equip stakeholders with the practical tools necessary to develop or update their travel risk management policies to address the most pertinent health and security risks impacting their workforce.

The course will lead with a comprehensive review of ISO 31030 specifically focused on the core areas most impacting organisations – managing risk, assessment and treatment. Our experts will disseminate how to proactively integrate these elements into your organisations policies, through case studies, exercises and simulations. By attending the course, delegates will be suited to lead their travel risk management response, define the roles and responsibilities of an effective programme and how to monitor its success. 

Who should attend

Security experts, risk managers, health practitioners, travel managers, or others with equivalent experience in managing safety, health and security of their travellers.


Day 1 - A focus on the critical sections of ISO 31030

  • Introduction into the standard and its contents
  • The importance and benefits of ISO 31030 in the context of the pandemic
  • The role and benefits to integrating medical and security policies to proactively mitigate travel risks

Day 2 - How to implement ISO 31030 into your Travel Risk Management programme

  • How does ISO 31030 fit within existing policies and programmes
  • The key pillars of a TRM programme
  • How to identify the critical risks impacting your workforce depending on the unique profile of the organisation
  • The role of ISO 31000 and ISO 45001
  • Action plan for implementing and updating a TRM programme


Upon successful completion of a course, participants will be awarded a certificate from the Foundation to put towards their professional development.

Active learning

The training will take place in a virtual classroom where the trainers will guide participants through the subject in an interactive learning format. Participants will acquire the skills through simulation exercises, discussions, and break out sessions for networking. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions and discuss their real-life examples so that they can apply learnings in their work immediately after the training.