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Crisis Management meeting


Crisis Management Series: Weak Signals Reading & Scenario Modelling


Last year, we had the privilege of hosting hundreds of participants in a two-part webinar series that delved into the principles of crisis management. The sessions, led by International SOS Crisis Management expert Gautier Porot, were pivotal in exploring effective strategies for managing crises and preparing for unforeseen challenges.

We will continued this insightful series with a third instalment, which concentrates on refining our approach to crisis scenarios, including those influenced by global elections.

This webinar aims to:

  • highlight the importance of detecting weak signals and how these subtle indicators can forecast systemic risks within your organisation
  • delve into scenario modelling, providing you with a solid framework to develop actionable strategies from these early warnings
  • enhance your capabilities in foreseeing and mitigating potential crises through meticulous observation and strategic foresight


  • Gautier Porot, Global Crisis Management Practice Leader, Consulting
  • Adam Lakhani, Security Director – Information & Analysis (Europe, Maghreb, West & Central Africa)