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Employees having a mental health and wellbeing discussion at work


Middle East | Combat Burnout, Boost Productivity: Expert Insights for Challenging Times


In today's world of mounting pressures, from the rising cost of living to climate change, employee burnout is surging. Multiple studies, including our Risk Outlook 2024, reveal alarming global trends. These challenges directly impact workplace wellbeing and your business's bottom line. However there are best business practices such as risks assessment and fit-to-work initiatives that help businesses in the Middle East and around the world to tackle the challenges and support employees. These assessments and initiatives go beyond simply determining risks or employees’ physical capabilities. They take a holistic approach, considering among others individuals’ mental wellbeing, the specific demands of roles, and potential workplace modifications for a safe and productive work.

Watch this timely webinar where Dr Nosa Aihie, International SOS Occupational Health Expert and Regional Medical Director, Middle East delves into:

  • The impact mental health challenges have on productivity and profitability
  • Proactive risk assessment including fit to work programs that can be applied to the workplace. Discover the ways these can:
  • Improve employee wellbeing and resilience
  • Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Enhance overall company performance
Who is the Event Designed for?
  • HSE Manager & Professionals, HRs, Operational Managers
  • Dr Nosa Aihie, Occupational Health Expert and Regional Medical Director, Middle East

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