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ANZ | BRISBANE | LIVE EVENTS - WORK/LIFE INTEGRATION | Supporting Sustainability in your Workforce Through Safety and Wellbeing

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The immediate crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic may have passed, but businesses and governments have yet to reach calmer waters. In the last 2 years there has been a proliferation of amended Workplace Health & Safety legislative requirements across Australia, the release of Duty of Care frameworks (such as the ISO 310310 for travel risk management) and the development of global guidelines around protecting employee mental health (such as the WHO Mental Health at Work guidelines). All of which focus on the importance of providing good working conditions for employees through well managed jobs.

Research shows working for organisations that demonstrate purpose and a commitment to their employees’ health and wellbeing is increasingly important. That is probably obvious. Join us as we explore the vital role that employers can play in supporting their people to be more resilient through periods of stress and volatility, wherever they may work from.

Join us as we discuss:
  • Workplace health and safety and duty of care updates
  • New workplace psychosocial legislation
  • The broadened wellbeing equation post-COVID
  • Understanding the ISO 31030 guidance and how it supports a mobile workforce
  • Developing systems and policies to enable Hybrid, Remote and Work from Anywhere work