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ANZ | Building a More Resilient Workforce and Improving Wellbeing in the Workplace


“To truly build a more resilient workforce and rebuild the economy in 2021 and beyond, employers should prioritise well-being, which is the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. Businesses should treat well-being as a tangible skill, a critical business input, and a measurable outcome.” - McKinsey

The recent deaths of high-profile Australians due to suspected heart attacks is a reminder for all of us to take our health seriously. It’s timely to reflect that despite the great inroads we’ve made as a nation in regards to health and wellbeing there is still an important role that organisations can play in fostering the mind, body and purpose of the individual’s that work for them.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of work in shaping population health and wellbeing. Considering that one third of the adult life is spent at work, our medical team along with Marita Quirk, Head of Wellbeing and Safety at ANZ discuss ways to support employees and organisations in keeping individuals happy and healthy while at the same time reducing health care costs and improving productivity.


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