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Americas | Keeping Travelers Healthy & Safe at a Large Event: An International SOS Case Study

Large group events can be a challenge to manage. What’s the medical and security outlook and risk for a certain area? Where can we find medical staffing on-site? And what’s the plan if something goes wrong?

To answer these questions, International SOS experts did an internal deep dive into how we used our own solution to keep our travelers safe during a large event held in Mexico. For more than a decade, the International SOS sales, account management, marketing and product teams have gathered for a retreat to take stock of the past fiscal year and plan for the new one. The retreat is a chance to bring professionals together from around the world for several days of working sessions, presentations, and goal setting.

Our experts discussed how this event came together and what tools are available to help your organization.

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For the 2023 International SOS Sales & Marketing conference, a resort near Playa del Carmen, Mexico was chosen. In this case study, we’ll look at how teamwork, proper planning and expertise allowed us to execute this large gathering – with more than 200 attendees - safely and efficiently. We’ll also run through the tools available to organisations that might want to consider a similar conference, meeting, or retreat.

View the case study video and download the accompanying whitepaper