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Africa | Climate Change and Malaria: Navigating the Global Health Landscape


About the Webinar Recording

The 2023 World Malaria Report highlights a link between climate change and malaria. Changes in temperature, humidity, and rainfall affect the behaviour and survival of malaria-carrying mosquitoes. Extreme weather events, like heatwaves and flooding, also directly impact disease transmission. 

Despite significant efforts, malaria remains a major health threat, particularly in the Africa region, home to around 94% of global malaria cases and deaths (Source: World Health Organization).

For businesses operating in Africa, the impact of climate change on malaria presents a substantial challenge that cannot be ignored. It can affect the health and wellbeing of their workforce and disrupt business operations.

Watch this webinar where our experts discussed the relationship between climate change and malaria. They also provided insights on how businesses can equip themselves to counter such risks.

Our speakers:

  • Dr Chris van Straten, Global Health Advisor Clinical Governance
  • Isabelle Hagner, Director of Public Health - Africa


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