Recorded on 21 April 2021.

This is a rapidly evolving situation that International SOS is monitoring closely.

Access the latest information on our coronavirus disease (COVID-19) website here.

We advise all organisations to continue to monitor this pandemic, proactively communicating with your people to explain the ways to prevent infection, review and implement your plans for pandemic and other infectious disease outbreaks.

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COVID-19 vaccines have been developed at an unprecedented rate. As the situation continues to evolve, access our latest scientific updates.

Our global health experts are on hand to add capacity and expertise to your vaccine planning. Whether your need is for accurate information, specialist advice, or delivery, our advisors add the needed capability. To learn how our health consultants can support your organisation in building a resilient vaccine programme, click here

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The safety of your workplace becomes a primary focus as lockdown measures relax. International SOS can help you to make sure that the return is safe and sustainable. While no business can guarantee preventing the spread of infection, vital precautionary steps will minimise risks, fulfil your Duty of Care responsibilities and promote workforce resilienceClick here to learn more.


International SOS is highly experienced in evacuating patients with infectious disease, having safely transported numerous infectious patients around the world. As such, International SOS has the medical and technical capability to undertake international evacuation of patients with COVID-19 infection, however our experience in such circumstances is that the feasibility of doing so is dependent on the authorisation of governmental, health and aviation authorities. Therefore there may be a significant lead-time to confirm the feasibility of such evacuations as these variables are beyond our control. We are in close contact with local Health authorities, the World Health Organization (WHO), Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), and relevant Civil Aviation Authorities with respect to ongoing developments.



  • Location case tracking: Provides the status of each location, the days since last reported cases, and the average number of cases per day. The COVID-19 ‘status’ quickly shows you whether there is limited, increasing or decreasing activity in a location. Read more.
  • Weekly scientific updates: Authored by pandemic experts, this weekly summary is perfect for discussion with your crisis management teams and C-Suite. It captures growing trends and monitors important events including COVID-19 immunity and vaccine development. Read more.
  • Travel restrictions: Provides an overview of commercial, internal/domestic, inbound and outbound restrictions for each location. Including the date which that restriction is valid for. Read more.


IN THE NEWS: protecting & saving lives on the front line

Dr Klein, a consultant at the Wuhan Union Hospital, speaks to ECNS (the official English-language website of the China News Service), about his experience providing medical services in Wuhan since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak.

nCoV Pandemic Information

Watch video here.

Dr Klein works for a French subsidiary (AEMC) of the International SOS Group and is currently seconded to work as a consultant in the international clinic at the Wuhan Union Hospital (on behalf of a client). AEMC has a joint venture with the Wuhan Union Hospital.

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Our coronavirus disease (COVID-19) website has sections which are freely available (including locations with confirmed cases and frequently asked questions), as well as sections for our members. Subscribers have access to all areas. 

nCoV Pandemic Information

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in the news: organisations being supported by international sos

International SOS is supporting thousands of organisations around the world during the COVID-19 outbreak. Click here to read a selection of examples documented in the news.