Organisations being supported by International SOS

Electrolux Professional

"It was hugely rewarding to work with International SOS, as we could get information so much earlier than if we had to find and develop it ourselves. As we are just a team of two managing risk and security, having International SOS there as trusted partner was a real game-changer.” - Athina Pehrman, Group Risk Manager, Electrolux Professional, Stockholm

Electrolux Professional, a leading provider of food service, beverage and laundry solutions, partners with International SOS to ensure that their assignees are safe and secure. With sustainability at heart, our client aims to increase customers’ business value through a unique interface for their entire operations by using connected and synchronised products and services. When Electrolux Group split in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic into two listed companies, "Electrolux" for household appliances and "Electrolux Professional" for professional appliances, our client needed our support to reassure their investors and to manage the crisis seamlessly to demonstrate calm, confidence, and expertise. We worked with our client’s crisis team throughout the pandemic to implement an array of programmes, including crisis management, to protect their employees and fulfil their duty of care responsibilities. They required ongoing support with the high volume of workload that their small crisis team had to manage. Maintaining a safe and healthy environment for their workforce was a top priority, and our experts were on hand to help them achieve this by providing health and safety standards, along with various best practices and actions to follow. Our client had manufacturing plants abroad in China and Thailand and requested support throughout the pandemic on questions such as whether to bring their international assignees back to their home countries and the processes involved, and when they could return to work. They were able to utilise our intelligence tools and sources, such as our Tracker, to gather crucial information which gave their crisis team a head start in managing the pandemic effectively, as well as enabling them to monitor updates on a daily basis which helped Electrolux Professional make better decisions faster.


The Body Shop 

"It has been reassuring for us and our Executive and Senior Management Team to have factual and trusted medical advice from one reliable source. This advice has helped us make decisions and provide factual guidance to all of our global employees" - Erica Rose, International QEHS & Security Director, The Body Shop

The Body Shop, a global beauty brand founded in 1976, partners with International SOS to support and protect their global workforce. In response to COVID-19, The Body Shop employed International SOS’s medical experts to facilitate tailored consultations – providing timely and relevant information on the pandemic to help educate their people and support key decision-making. With the safety of their employees as top priority, our strategic guidance on recovering planning, return to work testing and preventative measures for their employees, enabled their key stakeholders to make critical decisions with the upmost confidence.


Four Seasons Hotel, New York

Under the guidance of Dr Robert Quigley [International SOS], we were able to transform the Hotel and properly train all employees working at the property in a matter of days. In accordance with these enhanced safety protocols, we’ve created as low-risk of an environment as possible for both employees and guests. This is uncharted territory and we are so proud of our teams – everyone has come together to support this effort in unprecedented circumstances.  - Rudy Tauscher, General Manager, Four Seasons Hotel, New York

International SOS supports Four Seasons Hotel, New York, to welcome frontline healthcare heroes amid COVID-19 pandemic. Read more >> 


Cornell University 

International SOS chartered a flight for four researchers from Cornell University from Addis Ababa, Central African Republic to the United States after commercial flights were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more >>


British School Manila

The British School Manila (BSM) partners with International SOS to support and protect their students, teachers and trip leaders when they embark on school trips. With the COVID-19 outbreak BSM together with International SOS conducted a Parent Information Session to answer all questions and concerns on health and safety of the children at the school. The session provided a comprehensive update on the disease, situation and also advice on how to mitigate against the outbreak. It was conducted by our Medical Director and helped to address many of these concerns giving the students, parents and staff peace of mind, as well as supported BSM in their priority of establishing a positive culture of health and safety within and beyond the campus.


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 "Through its partnership with International SOS, Ascott is the first hospitality company in the world to offer its guests global access to a comprehensive suite of telehealth, telecounselling and travel security advisory services."  — 21 July 2021



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