Online live event | Return to operations - Returning to Mexico (German)

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Online live event | Return to operations - Returning to Mexico (German)
Start Date:
04 February 2021
End Date:
04 February 2021
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+49 6102 3588 427
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According to the German Foreign Office, Mexico is Germany's most important trading partner in Latin America. Almost 2,000 companies with German shareholdings are registered with the Mexican Ministry of Economy, around one third with their own manufacturing operations in the country. Mexico is also one of the fastest-growing overseas markets for Austria (source: Austrian Chamber of Commerce). At the same time, the Coronavirus is also leaving clear traces in the United Mexican States. 

What is the current situation in Mexico? And how can companies prepare themselves and their employees for the return to Mexico? 

We would like to present the following topics to you, together with our health and security experts: 

  • What should be considered when entering or travelling within Mexico?
  • What is the current health care situation in the country?
  • Are there any changes in the security situation?
  • How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected organised/opportunistic crime? 

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