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Case Study

Ensuring the Safety and Wellbeing of Employees in a Long Established Food & Beverage Company in Mexico



A Food & Beverage company with 150 years’ presence in Mexico approached International SOS due to the impact of the medical and security situation around its local operations, and concerns among employees regarding traveling within the country. 


The medical and security challenges in Mexico have greatly impacted the workforce of our client. The deteriorating medical infrastructure and worsening security situation have resulted in increased concerns among the employees regarding their safety and wellbeing while traveling within the country and operating in local areas. The client approached us to aid and support their employees, recognising the need to address these challenges to maintain a positive work environment and enhance employee retention rates. 


After conducting a thorough risk assessment of the client's operations in Mexico, International SOS identified the need for a comprehensive Workforce Resilience Programme to enhance the safety and security of their employees. With the support of our local security and medical experts, we recommended the Workforce Resilience Programme as the best solution for our client's needs:
  • We developed a comprehensive solution that that offered the highest level of support for employees in high-risk environments.
  • We provided consulting solutions for their risk plants around the country, which will help them to manage potential risks effectively.
  • We worked closely with the client to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations, providing a holistic approach to risk management.


Implementation of the Workforce Resilience Programme and consulting advisory has been well received by our client and they have expressed not only their satisfaction with our services , but also peace of mind in knowing that their employees are receiving the necessary support and training to manage potential risks effectively. Furthermore,  the Workforce Resilience Programme has enabled them to reduce risk and increase productivity, in alignment with their global risk policy.