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Crisis Management Tabletop Simulation

Case Study

Resilience Refined: Elevating Crisis Management Through Situation & Insight



Boasting an impressive track record of investments across sectors including telecommunications, finance, and energy, a prominent financial institution approached International SOS Consulting to conduct a comprehensive review of their existing Crisis Management Plan, aligning with their commitment to workforce safety and security.


The client required International SOS Consulting's expertise to address several key areas in their crisis management strategy. Firstly, there was a need to ensure the validity of their Crisis Management Plan and assess the psychological resilience of their workforce in a low-stress environment. Additionally, they sought to enhance the awareness of their crisis management team regarding potential crisis scenarios through simulation exercises. Finally, the client aimed to identify gaps, friction points, and issues within their existing processes to improve contingency planning and overall preparedness.


The solution devised by International SOS Consulting involved several key steps tailored to address the client's needs effectively. Initially, a thorough Crisis Management Plan Assessment was conducted, entailing a comprehensive review and evaluation of the client's existing plan as the initial advisory step. Subsequently, an on-site Tabletop Simulation was conducted in their Singapore office, engaging essential personnel to enhance preparedness by simulating crisis scenarios. Finally, a detailed report was crafted, encompassing insights gained, lessons learned, and recommendations for refining the Crisis Management Plan and optimising the Care Ambassador Structure. Through these strategic interventions, we aimed to fortify the client's crisis management capabilities and ensure heightened preparedness for potential challenges.


Our team of experts implemented a multi-faceted solution to bolster the client's workforce safety and security agenda. We began by facilitating Leadership Alignment, convening 15 key stakeholders to grasp the significance and complexities of crisis decision-making. Through Practical Application, stakeholders were equipped to apply their knowledge of policies and procedures effectively. We reinforced business continuity through a comprehensive approach aimed at enhancing organisational preparedness. Additionally, we emphasised continuous improvement, recognising the value of conducting annual assessments and expanding exercises internationally.