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Case Study

Passenger Reports Chest Pains on a Flight from London to Dubai



In-flight support for heart attack supported by MedLink doctors and advanced medical equipment onboard from International SOS Supply.


An executive passenger experienced chest pain on a corporate jet flight shortly after leaving London for Dubai. The flight crew had to respond quickly and effectively to the medical emergency, ensure the passenger received proper care, and maintain the safety of the aircraft. Additionally, they needed to coordinate suitable follow-up care and possible diversion plans, given their flight path.


The flight attendant, previously trained in MedAire's Management of In-Flight Illness & Injury course, acted promptly by contacting MedAire's MedLink service. The attending doctor assessed the situation and diagnosed the passenger with angina, instructing the flight attendant to administer a stabilising medication from the Advanced Aviation Medical Kit on board.

Simultaneously, the doctor worked with the pilot to devise a suitable diversion plan. They initially considered diverting to Istanbul for its cardiac facilities. However, due to the aircraft's position over Iran and stabilising the passenger's condition, they opted to continue to Dubai, their original destination. This decision prioritised both the passenger's health and the aircraft's safety.


MedAire's end-to-end approach, including MedLink support, the Advanced Aviation Medical Kit, specialised flight crew training, and a global network of accredited providers, successfully resolved the in-flight medical emergency. 

Upon landing in Dubai, an ambulance met the aircraft to transport the executive to a nearby cardiac hospital. The incident showcases the importance of integrated, responsive, and comprehensive medical support in ensuring passengers' safety, wellbeing, and continuity of care during air travel. The result is the ability of crewmembers to provide timely, accurate care with the guidance of MedAire’s medical experts.