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Chest pain desktop

Case Study

Passenger Reports Chest Pains on a Flight from London to Dubai

International SOS, with the support of MedAire's MedLink and MedSupply aviation kits, assist flight crew members in chest pain emergencies during flights.



MedSupply aviation kits application and MedLink support to flight crew members in chest pain emergency during flight.


An executive travelling on a corporate jet complains of chest pain shortly after taking off on a flight from London to Dubai.


The flight attendant on board quickly called MedLink and explained the situation to the doctor. MedLink doctor diagnosed the passenger with angina and prescribed a drug from MedSupply’s Advanced Aviation Medical Kit on board to stabilise the passenger. The passenger was transferred to the cardiac hospital after landing near Dubai.


Comprehensive solutions to mitigate risks to crew, passengers, and guests. The result is the ability of crewmembers to provide timely, accurate care with the guidance of MedAire’s medical experts.