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Case Study

On-site solutions for a leading building material company in Nigeria



International SOS was approached by an industry expert in building materials, with sites spread across Nigeria, to help them support their workforce’s health and wellbeing. The company operates production plants, depots, and ready-mix sites in 19 states of Nigeria.


Our client’s manufacturing sites were in remote locations across Nigeria, where it was difficult for them to have access to adequate medical care for their workforce.

They required local and global medical expertise to mitigate on-site health risks, support their occupational health agenda and manage potential medical evacuations..


International SOS operates six fully staffed on-site clinics for this client, effectively supporting their employees’ medical and health needs. The on-site clinics provide primary and emergency care as well as occupational health services. We also manage medical evacuations, handle medical supplies on the sites and regularly deliver first-aid training to the client’s staff.


Our ongoing partnership since 2014 has proven highly beneficial for site workers and for the clients’ management team. The holistic health risks management solution has contributed to a reduction in malaria incidence over the past three years and improved the management of chronic diseases.

Furthermore, during the pandemic, early detection of COVID-19 cases on one of our client’s sites avoided large scale infection and allowed business operations to continue without disruption.

Medical evacuations in case of incidents were also optimised – which consequently had a positive effect on cost and efficiency.