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Case Study

On-Site Clinic Management for an Electrical Utility Company in British Columbia, Canada

International SOS support our client, a major energy supplier in Canada, fulfill their need for physical, mental, and social health for their construction workers on a remote worksite in British Columbia.



Our client, one of the largest energy suppliers in Canada, required health services as well as mental and social wellbeing services for their construction workers on the Site-C project in British Columbia. This project, once completed, will generate and deliver 1,100 megawatts of energy for over five million people in the region.


At any given time, our client had between 1,500 and 2,500 workers on its worksites and was responsible for ensuring their health and well-being throughout the duration of the project. However, the remote nature of the sites made it difficult for our client to put in place the infrastructure to provide adequate medical care.

To overcome this challenge, our primary objective was to provide comprehensive medical support to our client's workforce, ensuring it does not negatively affect the public health system. International SOS aimed to achieve this goal in a way that wouldn't compromise our client's established trust and partnerships with local communities.


International SOS became our client’s reliable partner in establishing on-site clinic management and providing medical support at the Site-C construction site. With extensive experience and expertise, we ensured that workers had easy access to quality healthcare, enabling timely treatment for illnesses and injuries, and reducing the risk of medical emergencies without negatively affecting the public health system.

Our focus extended beyond just physical health and encompassed the overall well-being of our client's entire workforce, across all occupations. We carefully managed the physical, mental, and social health of workers, providing a comprehensive solution that addressed their diverse healthcare needs.


International SOS provided occupational services to a workforce of between 1,500 – 2,500 site workers enabling our client to support their employees’ medical and health needs and comply with the requirements indicated by the industry and local legislative bodies. At the same time, our client was able to fulfill their obligations to local communities and sustain strong and positive relationships based on trust and partnership-building.

Our client has highly praised our service delivery for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness awarding International SOS with the 2021 Safety Excellence Award.