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International SOS EventSafe Paris

Case Study

Game Plan: EventSafe Solution for a Sporting Brand



In the heart of Paris, a globally acclaimed athletic brand was tasked with managing a high-profile event. The event was filled with important guests, including some under 18-year-olds, and was under intense media scrutiny. With a demanding schedule, they required a dependable health and security partner to ensure the event’s flawless execution, providing optimal medical and security measures for their domestic and international guests. 

International SOS Consulting experts promptly mobilised advisory and on-the-ground resources, delivering a comprehensive solution that provided assistance when it was most needed, reinforcing International SOS’ commitment to rapid response and unwavering support. 


The high-profile nature of the event, with its significant media presence and numerous important guests, necessitated a robust support system to ensure the event proceeded without any security or medical incidents. Emphasis was placed on safeguarding the numerous attendees under 18 from risks such as stampedes and accidents, ensuring their safety was crucial, and underscored the brand’s dedication to the wellbeing of all participants. 


The EventSafe solution offered an integrated approach to event safety and medical preparedness. It commenced with five Site Assessments, where each event venue was thoroughly evaluated for its suitability for the important guests and compliance with safety standards. Expert medical advice was on hand to prepare for potential health-related incidents, ensuring a rapid and effective response capability. Furthermore, Dedicated Medical Staffing was a key feature of the solution, with experienced medical professionals on-site to provide immediate care and address any medical issues during the event. Lastly, providing medical equipment was a critical aspect, ensuring the ready availability of essential medical apparatus at each venue for efficient emergency management. 


Five comprehensive site assessments were conducted at event venues within a week, leading to a 100% incident-free event.

The EventSafe initiative significantly bolstered the event’s safety, creating a secure environment that minimised potential disruptions. The meticulous management of medical and security details enhanced the organisation’s reputation as a reliable organiser, strengthening their global image. The expert support contributed to the event’s operational excellence, facilitating a seamless experience. By prioritising attendee safety, the organisation fostered trust and loyalty among customers, a crucial factor for ongoing engagement. Additionally, the proactive handling of potential incidents resulted in a cost-effective event, avoiding unforeseen expenditures.