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Mining Site Health Assessment

Case Study

Mining for Health: Enhancing Medical Capabilities on Remote Sites



International SOS Consulting assisted a multinational mining company with operations across the Americas and West Africa, acknowledged for its dedication to ethical mining, environmental stewardship, and nurturing positive relationships with local communities. Our mining client sought to guarantee the productivity of their workforce and minimise potential downtime caused by injuries.


To efficiently manage their extensive operation, the client required insight into the available medical resources beyond their mine site, encompassing medical facilities, transport providers, and Occupational Health expertise. This also included identifying health risks and implementing preventative programmes.


International SOS Consulting stepped in to assist the client in tackling their workplace challenges through a series of strategic solutions. This included conducting on-site assessments of medical providers by a qualified physician to ensure the suitability and quality of services. Subsequently, a peer-reviewed deliverable report was generated, consolidating findings and insights from the assessments. From this report, key recommendations were formulated, providing actionable insights and guidance for the client to address their workplace health and safety concerns effectively.


Our Site Health Review ensured our client gained a comprehensive understanding of regional medical capabilities, enabling them to proactively address any potential limitations. This was achieved by implementing additional layers of medical infrastructure on-site, thus enhancing their ability to mitigate risks effectively for over 400 remote site employees. This ensured business continuity and productivity across their $10M exploration investment.