Remote teleconsultation delivered to client during the COVID-19 pandemic in Kazakhstan


International SOS clinic General Practitioner (GP) provided a TeleConsultation to Kate, who developed a medical problem but could not leave her house amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in Kazakhstan.


Service: Clinics, TeleConsultation
Location: Kazakhstan.



Kate was working remotely in accordance with her employer's new COVID-19 pandemic working policy. During one of the remote tele-conferences with her colleagues, they mentioned the redness in her eyes. She started worrying about it but was hesitant to leave her house as it would contradict her employer’s advice.




Kate contacted one of the International SOS clinics in Kazakhstan and a TeleConsultation was immediately arranged with the clinic’s GP. During the session, the doctor established that her condition is not dangerous but requires monitoring.



With the help of the arranged our clinic’s TeleConsultation, Kate got assurance and peace-of-mind that she is safe and her health is not in danger. She had also followed her employer advice and did not leave her house.