Real-time teleconsultation to a client suffering from tonsillitis during the COVID-19 pandemic in Kazakhstan


International SOS clinic General Practitioner (GP) provided TeleConsultation to Pete, who developed a medical problem and needed advice but was not willing to leave his house due to the local government advice to stay home amidst COVID-19 pandemic in Kazakhstan.


Service: Clinics, TeleConsultation
Location: Kazakhstan.



Pete noticed a formation on his neck under the skin and became worried. He grew very agitated and was concerned that the problem was going to get worse if not addressed.




Pete contacted International SOS clinic in his city to arrange a TeleConsultation service with the clinic’s GP. As the session progressed the doctor established that Pete suffered a tonsillitis recently. А formation under the skin is a lymph node reaction to a bacterial infection which does not require a treatment. 



The TeleConsultation eliminated a need for Pete to go out and get medical help. Pete’s health concerns disappeared, and he quickly recovered as a result.