Helping an HSE department to stay on top of changing COVID-19 secure protocols around the world


International SOS helped the HSE department of a global manufacturing company to stay on top of changing COVID-19 secure protocols. 


Service: Site Monitor (Workforce Resilience)
Location: San Francisco, United States



Our client has multiple sites and offices around the world and was finding it impossible to stay abreast of the changing guidelines on COVID safe practices. They needed to be able to communicate any changes quickly and to monitor the site/office team’s adherence to them.




We provided all site/office managers with access to our Site Monitor tool. Now, if there is a change to guidance (e.g. due to vaccine availability/changes), these will be automatically updated by our global health experts. Each site/office has access to the very latest information and the central HSE team can see whether they have a playbook in place to deal with the threat. Be that COVID-related or other (e.g. risk of Zika in location). 



The Global EHS manager gained significant time back that was previously spent researching and tracking changing guidance in every location. They could also clearly see which site was compliant (had an active plan in place) and which they needed to follow-up with to close any compliance gaps.


Site/office managers can make preventative decisions that are borne from an up-to-date trusted source.


The company also felt empowered to tackle future-crises. When those arise, they can now turn to Site Monitor to establish their global and local playbooks.