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Case Study

Anchoring Health and Hygiene in Maritime Hub in Egypt



A leading container terminal operator in Egypt – a strategic maritime hub positioned at the crossroads of international trade, plays a pivotal role in facilitating the global movement of goods. We provided medical consulting services to improve their hygiene and sanitation provisions across the work site.


The container terminal operator was facing a sudden surge in reported illnesses among their workforce. After conducting an investigation, it was discovered that most of the cases were related to food and water-borne diseases. However, the operator was unsure how to tackle this issue and felt additional steps were needed to address the problem.


Our Occupational Health experts assessed hygiene and sanitation at the workplace, including at the canteen, the rest and recreation areas and the offices. Several gaps were identified in the standards of cleanliness and, catering and food management. A detailed recommendation list was then shared with the client for immediate and systematic action.

37%  of identified gaps were quickly fixed which resulted in an immediate positive impact for the 3000 workforce 


Through the detailed assessment conducted by International SOS experts, the container terminal operator realised the importance of hygiene and sanitation best practices, which were previously overlooked and impacted worker health and, in turn, the organisation’s operations. The organisation’s management confirmed the guidance on personal hygiene, pest control methods and waste disposal was highly helpful in managing infection control at the terminal site.