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Insurers, Brokers and International SOS

Welcome to our dedicated Insurer and Broker page. Here, you can find all the content related to our work with Insurers and Brokers

We work in partnership with the majority of insurers and brokers worldwide. International SOS services integrate seamlessly with various insurance policies, helping to prevent claims as well as respond to requests for support. We collaborate with a network of partners to provide best-in-class services to end-users.

We are continually developing and evolving our partnerships with insurers and brokers, allowing us to:

  • Deliver information and training courses for clients, protecting and minimising risks for workforces
  • Provide valuable case trends and insights to proactively manage the health, safety and security risks impacting employees
  • Demonstrate the positive impact of proactively managing risks on insurance claims
  • Work collaboratively with brokers and insurers to ensure alignment and cooperation with our clients
  • Deliver services which are fully integrated with insurance policies, so clients benefit from our seamless services

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