Our Stories

Explore what makes us unique through stories of our employees below.


  • Vivienne kuma

    01 March 2018

    Vivienne is a Training Manager and Senior Medical Officer at International SOS in Papua New Guinea. She is also a volunteer lecturer at Public Health Division, University of Papua New Guinea.

  • Sarah Kong

    For us the most important thing to remember is that the client’s reason for calling is their utmost priority at that moment in their lives. Having a good listening ear and responding sensitively has a big impact on the way they feel during and after a call.

  • Patrick Read

    Out in the field with a large party of school children, you never quite know what’s behind you or what’s coming. I’m from the UK originally, where we can call ‘999’ if we need assistance but out here we call International SOS.

  • Gediminas bagdonas

    05 March 2018

    Ged thumbnail2

    Gediminas Bagdonas (Ged) is a member of the MedSupply team based in Singapore. Ged is an active member of many social groups that aim to make positive impacts on the local community. 

  • Dr Sanket Patel


    A forest is a challenging environment and it is important people know how to stay healthy and safe, so as an additional service I provide first aid courses, snakebite awareness and heat stress prevention training, among other initiatives.

  • Chris Durbin

    Chris Durbin thumbnail

    School trips and expeditions are naturally risky because most are to developing countries. It was clear we required professional risk mitigation advice and a more sustainable system... these requirements led us to International SOS.