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Health & Wellbeing Centres

We provide tailored, closely integrated solutions on-site to help organisations improve employee health and wellbeing, tailored to your people's needs.

Workplace Health & Wellbeing Programme Tailored to Meet Your People's Needs

Our medical directors and their teams work with you in assessing your employees' needs through surveys and biometric testing, to develop and manage workplace programmes to address their health and wellbeing needs. These programmes are tailored to support your unique priorities, aligning with your organisation's values and culture.

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    Health & Wellbeing Centres

Benefits to You and Your Organisation

  • Maintenance of Positive Brand Image

  • Increased Employee Productivity and Engagement

  • Decreased Health Provision Costs

  • Mitigation of Workplace Health Risks


  • Comprehensive & Bespoke Solutions

    Our solutions are customised to meet the unique needs of each client, plus our solutions are medically led and evidence-based.
  • Global Footprint

    We support organisations operating in more than 900 remote and isolated geographic locations that often lack proper medical infrastructure.
  • World-Class Standard of Medical Care

    With us, you gain access to a team of primary and emergency care experts and medical specialists - equipped with multilingual capability and backed by the highest level of clinical governance, management and training.