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Network Services


Our network evolves continuously to meet the changing demands of our clients, and the medical and security environments in which they operate. It is critical we understand what can and cannot be delivered in any location, city, or country. Understanding the capabilities, the relationship, and the validation of our network in a specific location is a critical component in our service delivery success. This is achievable through our bespoke assessment methodologies. 

  • We conduct over 250 country trips a year, visiting over 2,500 providers from our partner network, developing our understanding of their capabilities and level of care.
  • We perform over 1,500 provider assessments.
  • We credential all our partners legal status on an annual and biannual cycle from our dedicated network support teams.

Network Capability

Our partner network of 15,000 represents the organisations we work most frequently with. This includes medical, security, aviation, technical and logistic providers. In support of our partner network, we have on record at any time an additional 70,000 providers globally with whom we work.
Our network of providers span across 240 countries and territories, covering over 10,000 cities worldwide, supporting our clients wherever they are located.

  • 85,000

    Medical, security, aviation, technical and logistic providers.

  • 240

    Countries and territories which our network of providers covers.

  • 10,000+

    Cities where our providers are located.

Investing in Our Network to Drive Better Outcomes

We combine several elements in our network management with the intent to maximise the opportunity for successful delivery.


  • Provider Assessments
  • Quality Feedback Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Data Reviews
  • Credentialing
  • Strong Team with Sharp Focus
  • Network Development Professional Expertise
  • In Country Presence

Quality Care in a Complex World

It is essential to understand where there are limitations that can impact risk and/or patient outcomes. Our approach is to use standard global methodologies to assess providers capabilities and levels of care; using the outcomes to direct our assistance services accordingly. This entails:


  • Robust knowledge of local healthcare systems
  • Multi-functional selection criteria
  • Knowing and being known by our partners
  • A bespoke methodology for assessing and managing the risks of Aviation providers
  • Building strong partnerships with experienced security providers
  • Central governance, review, and control

Quality and Value for Our Clients

Evidenced provider’s capabilities is the main driver for selecting providers, with preference given to providers offering customary and reasonable cost, thereby ensuring our clients or their insurers do not pay more than they should. Wherever possible, discounts are negotiated with providers and shared with clients in a transparent way.

Through our partnership with this US based Preferred Pricing Organization (PPO), an incremental +1,700,000 individual physicians, hospitals, clinics, and ground transport providers are available to our clients seeking care in the United States. 

Over 99% of all claims for medical care result in a form of discounted savings that are then passed on to our clients. The average discount received through our PPO is 50%, which is typical for this type of specialised arrangement. 

Building Bespoke Networks

Our consulting teams develop bespoke delivery networks for our clients to support specific employee programmes.  
These programmes are wide ranging in scope and include occupational health, vaccinations, location assessments, second opinion and specialist networks, journey management & executive protection, traditional Chinese medicine, and an array of wellbeing programmes. 
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