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Crisis Management

Crisis Management Gap Analysis

The COVID-19 pandemic has put an unprecedented strain on organisations and highlighted critical resilience vulnerabilities. The ability to objectively analyse how well crisis management teams have managed the crisis and how well prepared they are for the future is more essential than ever.

Crisis Management Gap Analysis provides stakeholders with an impartial, expert-led analysis of your organisation's crisis management structures and processes currently in place. It helps you anticipate, adapt, and respond to major disruptions, ensuring that your employees and assets are safeguarded while supporting operational continuity.


All organisations may be challenged with a crisis at some point. We can support your organisation to better navigate through the three stages of a crisis: pre-crisis, crisis response and post-crisis, and achieve a heightened level of resilience.

We use an established methodology developed with our 35 years of experience and expertise in supporting the health, safety and security of employees of organisations in all types of industries around the world. The analysis focuses on the lifecycle of a crisis, providing your organisation with an objective view of your current approach and the direction you can move in. This process is built through stakeholder interviews, documentary analysis and a review of existing processes by our security and health experts.

As part of our support, you receive a comprehensive gap analysis that identifies and assesses your organisation's current approach to crisis and risk management and outlines company-specific recommendations to minimise the risks posed to your employees and assets. Our experts will provide specific recommendations to address existing gaps and areas identified for improvement. These are developed based on the findings of the gap analysis and are prioritised based on importance and urgency.

Tailored to your needs:  To all types of industries, organisational sizes and corporate cultures. Applicable at all levels (strategic, operational, tactical). Addresses multiple operations in the same location, or multiple locations globally. Can be delivered with other advisory and assistance services for a comprehensive approach.


  • Improve decision-making through the early identification of threats
  • Clearly comprehend how your staff should respond and act in different situations
  • Identify key roles and responsibilities to support your staff
  • Anticipate and mitigate risk exposure to your operational workforce
  • Have a documented approach to crisis management


  • Respond in measured, proportionate steps within a changing environment
  • Delegate an appropriate level of authority to a local site to enable their decision-making in times of crises
  • Reduce the impact of crises on business activities
  • Enable tangible actions for operations to continue



  • Prepare a plan to ensure current and future events are resolved, limiting uncertainty or instability
  • Enhance your organisation's level of preparedness for future escalations and crises



Using our proprietary Crisis Management Gap Analysis, we provided an objective assessment of a major telecommunication company’s crisis management performance to date. This was related both to COVID-19 and the organisation's broader processes as a component of the overall Business Continuity Plan. Find out our assessment and recommendations by watching the below case study webinar hosted by the Business Continuity Institute.