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Nurses at a clinic in Africa


International SOS clinics are strategically located near our clients’ operations, providing your employees with consistent access to an international-quality standard of healthcare.


Your employees are your key assets. Providing them with access to an appropriate standard of care is essential to keep them healthy and productive. In certain locations, access can vary from limited or inconsistent to being almost non-existent, or severely overtaxed.

International SOS clinics are strategically located near our clients’ operations, providing your employees with consistent access to an international-quality standard of healthcare. 

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    Clinics worldwide

  • +38,000

    People benefit from our clinical services

  • +15,000

    TeleConsultation sessions delivered in 2020

Why Partner With International SOS?

  • World-Class Quality Standards and Management Processes, Including ISO 9000 Certification

  • Multilingual Capability

  • TeleConsultation Capabilities for Remote Assessments

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Language barriers and inadequate local healthcare can impact your workforce and their family members. Availability of a reliable and high quality healthcare partner in countries with developing healthcare is critical.

With International SOS clinics, you can easily ensure you meet the most common medical needs your employees will face, from the routine to the emergency and in a cost-effective manner.

Every clinic offers primary care services, many complement this with diagnostic care and specialist care: including gynaecology, obstetrics, paediatrics, ophthalmology, physical therapy, and 24/7 emergency care.

Key Services Include: 


  • Families' health needs are dealt with as a matter of routine, with 24/7 on-call capabilities to manage any health emergencies.
  • On-site international-standard pharmacy at all clinics.
  • Capability of stabilising patients prior to evacuations.
  • Seamless integration with our 24/7 Assistance Centres for clinic-access information and advice, as well as emergency medical services.
COVID-19 adds notable new levels of concerns for employers – whereby international rotational assignments are not only challenged by heavily restricted global travel, but equally the ability to operate a safe working environment with a healthy workforce.


Managing the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of your workforce is a challenge. This challenge can become overwhelming if you are also operating in places with harsh offshore or remote-site working conditions where the local health legislation is complex to interpret and manage.

These may include taking steps to avoid preventable illness or injuries related to work conditions, improve management of health issues within an occupational environment, provide easy access to health services and ensure compliance.

Our occupational health clinics are equipped to provide and maintain comprehensive access to medical care, to help you track environmental and situational risks, ensure your legislative compliance and meet stringent industry standards.

Key Services Include: 


  • Fit-for-work assessments, including pre-placement, periodical, exit medical and return-to-work examinations.
  • Health surveillance services.
  • Drug and alcohol screening conducted pre-deployment, at random, and/or due to a cause.
  • Range of training, such as first aid education.
  • Bespoke heath consulting services.
  • Compliance with local and industry standards and regulations.
  • Referral management

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