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International SOS works with the media and entertainment industry to mitigate the health and security threats; whether at events, production research or general travel.


To help you prepare and protect your team, International SOS works with you to mitigate the health and security threats specific to your line of business; whether that be in events, production, research or general travel. Wherever you are, we are there too.

Along with the hazards that COVID-19 brings, in remote areas production teams can face many issues: basic sanitation and hygiene could be poor, accidents could occur, and health services may not exist. This can all have a significant impact on your production and the company’s bottom line.

We educate your people before a project, so they are made aware of threats specific to their destination. Our experts will be on hand to ensure that your team is thoroughly advised on screening measures, testing, and the medical resources and equipment to bring on set. 


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    Protect your People

    You will have efficient protocols and procedures to safely bring your crew and cast safely back to the production set so, and to ensure that filming can be resumed.

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    Protect your Production

    This will give you a well-planned, effective return to filming and can help prevent against loss of productivity, cost and reputational damage.

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    Comply with Regulations

    Ensures that the procedures you develop and implement abide by the guidelines and standards outlined by local governing authorities, industry unions and other trade organisations.


International SOS provided vaccination planning support to a large media conglomerate amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Fargo successfully finished filming season 4 during COVID-19

“Fargo Emmy-winning EP Warren Littlefield, 'The protocols are a 40-page document and we had International SOS as our consultant. Basically, with every department of our crew and with the actors, we went through a training session of ‘Here’s what it’s going to be like’ and ‘here are our responsibilities’. So, what we tried to do is get everybody to a place of what that experience would be, because we also knew we were the tip of the spear. There weren’t a lot of shows across the planet going back into production. So, we were at the top of that. In our final zoom, we had our directors and a lot of our crew. They were like horses at the gate, waiting for the gun to go off. They felt so ready and prepared. We found ourselves to be artistic and not comprised in the final two hours and also very efficient. I think we surprised a lot of people with our preparation. And the feedback from our actors is that they felt safe.”
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