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For over 35 years we have been supporting superyacht crew and their guests with health advice and assistance, allowing them to conduct safe operations, wherever they are in the world.

Our experienced team provides tailored information specific to maritime environments: whether you need emergency assistance, training, emotional support for your crew or even consultation for medical facilities onboard your vessel.

As superyachts become increasingly advanced and we see many trips to more remote locations, the need for excellent medical supplies, twinned with the right knowledge and advice has become paramount, that is why we are the leading service for many of the world’s superyachts.


Our subscription is flexible to the needs of your vessel and covers a range of different medical services: 

  • Yacht Medical kit: Which not only follows the latest MCA compliance requirements but is also constantly evaluated against medical best practice.
  • 24/7/365 Assistance: A direct line to health professionals who can advise on medical and health matters often recommending items from your medical kit.
  • Training: Onboard MCA approved STCW’10 training, refresher courses, virtual training and pediatric first aid.
  • Safety & Security advice: Including on-demand port risk assessments and a dedicated team that can advise on potential security concerns for your crew and guests.
  • Teleconsultation: Providing crew and guests with the ability to speak to a health professional via video call.
  • Emotional Support: Structured counselling sessions for crew members and their family
  • Plus much more: Sea to Shore App – allowing you to easily keep your medical inventory up-to-date, Shoreside appointment referrals, Trip Watch.
  • To find out more about providing your yacht with the best possible support, use the short form beside and a member of the team will be in touch shortly.

Medical advice using medical kit items

Ella was stung by a jelly fish, while snorkelling, a 5-minute tender ride from the yacht. She was in a lot of pain and so the captain called MedAire.


With no medications available, the Doctor suggested using the warm water spurting from the outboard to ease the pain. By the time Ella reached the yacht, the pain had subsided. Pictures were sent to the medical team using the MedAire Sea to Shore App and further treatment suggested, using items from their medical kit.


Through close communication with MedAire, the captain was able to avoid any potential detour to their itinerary.



Following an onboard medical emergency, MedAire advised the captain to dock at the closest port for shoreside evaluation.


The port identified by the captain was in an area of Egypt, with a heightened security risk, particularly concerning local transport options. At the request of the captain, the MedAire Safety and Security team arranged for safe transportation to a validated and approved hospital.


Prior to the patient’s arrival, MedAire had already spoken to the hospital to confirm the appointment and provided a Guarantee of Payment to the facility and providers, notifying the insurer on behalf of the customer.