Commercial Airlines

Health & security solutions built for airlines.

Enhance customer service. Manage costs. Achieve operational excellence.

When many people think of MedAire, they think of MedLink, the world’s first global emergency response centre for aviation. Today, MedAire delivers an integrated health and security solution for airlines that includes training, medical equipment, and professional services for crew and passengers beyond the cabin.

The teams behind MedAire’s services are aviation industry experts – previously working with some of the world’s leading airlines in regulatory compliance, crew training, policies and procedures, and in-house health experts.

No other provider can match MedAire’s extensive knowledge of a carrier’s operations, governing regulations, and more in-flight medical assistance.

And, as part of the International SOS network, MedAire’s proprietary database of emergency medical response services at more than 5000 airports is complemented by the world’s largest network of vetted health, security, and logistics providers.

MedAire is unique in its ability to understand a carrier’s needs, its challenges, and its opportunities. The MedAire commitment to clients is to implement solutions that meet regulatory requirements whilst also delivering value, operational efficiencies and an enhanced customer service experience.