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Monthly Security Newsletter

Key insights into global and regional security events

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Welcome to our Monthly Security Newsletter, your trusted source for expert insights into security forecasts.

In today's global landscape, forecasting and managing security events has become increasingly complex. Organisations require strong crisis management strategies, and leaders must be prepared to respond swiftly to threats that may affect their employee safety and well-being.

What is Included in The Reports?

Our monthly newsletters will share insight into the assessment of significant events and the likely changes to the travel risk outlook in the coming 30 days; the major indicators or drivers of deterioration being tracked by our regionally based security analysts; and how your organisation can prepare, including any significant or emerging planning constraints. 

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Security Newsletter

“It was hugely rewarding to work with International SOS, as we could get information so much earlier than if we had to find and develop it ourselves. As we are just a team of two managing risk and security, having International SOS there as trusted partner was a real game-changer.” 

Athina Pehrman, Group Risk Manager, Electrolux Professional, Stockholm



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