Tracker Incident Support

When there is a security incident, finding out who needs help can be a daunting task.

Tracker Incident Support enables you to account for your people by sending messages and collating their responses within one hour of the event.

You can now be certain all your employees have been contacted to confirm their safety. 
This reduces the potential for the situation to get worse, actively supports your employees’ wellbeing, delivers peace of mind and enables you to focus on dealing with the crisis.


Your people will have;

  • Confidence that they are being looked after
  • Assistance when they need it most

You will;

  • Have reassurance and confidence that your employees will be automatically notified and supported following a serious incident
  • Be able to respond effectively and quicker to incidents that affect your employees and international assignees

Your organisation will have;

  • Peace of mind
  • Met your industry's Duty of Care standard