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First Aid Training

Our First Aid Training is led by qualified trainers with extensive years of practical field experience.

Our accreditation:

  • American Heart Association (AHA) - Accredited Training Site
  • International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) - Accredited Training Site
  • Indonesian Ministry of Manpower as PJK3 (Perusahaan Jasa Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja).
  • Training Provider in Occupational Health 
  • DKI Jakarta Provincial Manpower Office as First Aid Training Provider for Manpower

Our expert team can guide you to identify the most suitable course.

Please see below to learn more about our First Aid Training courses, or contact us at: or DL.JKT.Sales&

First Aid Training For Adults

CPR & AED TRAINING FOR ADULT (Duration: half day): This course teaches adult CPR, how to use an AED, how to relieve choking in an adult and focuses on essential skills to save a life.


FIRST AID TRAINING LEVEL ONE (Duration: one day): This course will teach you how to apply basic first aid knowledge and skills to respond to medical emergencies.


FIRST AID TRAINING LEVEL TWO (Duration: two days): This course teaches intermediate level of first aid knowledge and skills and will equip you with valuable skills in a medical emergency.


FIRST AID TRAINING LEVEL THREE (Duration: three days): This course provides advanced level knowledge and skills on first aid for injuries and medical emergencies.

First Aid Training For Child and Infant

CPR & AED TRAINING FOR CHILD AND INFANT* (Duration: half day): This course teaches CPR, how to use an AED and how to relieve choking in an infant and a child. 


FIRST AID LEVEL ONE FOR CHILD AND INFANT* (Duration: one day): This course teaches basic first aid skills for child and infant.


FIRST AID LEVEL TWO FOR CHILD AND INFANT* (Duration: two days): This course will equip you with intermediate knowledge and skills to save a child or infant in emergencies.


Recommended for those who are working with child and infant

First Aid Training Special Programmes

FIRST AID AWARENESS: This is a non-certified program to raise awareness on First Aid and the importance of being prepared for any type of emergency. 


FIRST AID FOR EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM* (Duration: between three to four days): This course provides an advanced level of training for your Emergency Response Team (ERT).


MULTIPLE CASUALTY INCIDENT PLAN(Duration: two days): This course addresses the responsibilities of mass casualty incident management at the workplace. Participants will learn how to run a Multiple Casualty Incident (MCI) in conjunction with the Emergency Response Plan (usually conducted after the three-day First Aid Level 3 training). 


Recommended for workplace emergency response teams

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