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Dr Vikram Vora

Medical Director



Dr Vikram Vora is a Medical Director with the India consulting team, based at the International SOS offices in India. He is also a pandemic health consulting expert with more than 22 years of experience in the private sector. Having worked with stakeholders across corporate medical services and pharmaceutical industries (in clinical research and healthcare marketing), he has successfully managed assignments leading to a reduction in health risks and promotion of positive health behaviours.

His expertise in corporate healthcare spans pandemic planning, corporate clinics, disease outbreaks, infectious diseases, risk, and crisis management.
Dr Vora worked at International SOS, India between 2004-2208 as a Medical Advisor and returned to take on the role of Head of Medical Services Operations and Assistance Services in 2017. He later moved to medical consulting with a particular focus on coordinating and developing the health consulting business practice.

As a healthcare expert, Dr Vora has undertaken numerous missions involving the launch and staffing of corporate clinics, healthcare audits, surveys, and health impact assessments across several clients. He has led several consulting projects for pandemic and infectious diseases planning and response, corporate health plan development, health policies, and operating procedures for a wide range of industries.

Dr Vora graduated as a medical doctor from Karnatak University and holds an MBBS degree.

A regular speaker at events, conferences, and in the media, he supports the promotion of global health priorities and duty of care values to the stakeholders.