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Dr Greg Jakubowski

Regional Medical Director, Health Consulting & Corp Solution



Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, Greg was primarily responsible for supporting the development of general and work-related medical solutions for key corporate clients in Asia, including health and wellness, as well as occupational health. He actively collaborated with the tech, life science and financial clients to find out what their drivers, pain points and needs were at the site of operation and based on these parameters he worked on designing the appropriate health and wellness solutions. This ensured that companies fulfilled their duty of care obligations to their workforce and implemented robust plans for business continuity planning. Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, Dr Greg he has been focusing on actively assisting existing and new clients with the appropriate response to the outbreak and the evolving health and wellness issues related to it. Most importantly, in the mental health and lifestyle diseases spheres.

Dr Greg joined International SOS in August 2010 at the Singapore Assistance Centre as a Coordinating Doctor. In 2011, he was promoted as Regional Medical Director, Medical Services, South and Southeast Asia. Following this, he was promoted to the role of Regional Medical Director, Corporate Solutions, Asia. In 2021 he took on his current role of Regional Medical Director, Corporate Solutions & Consulting, Asia.

Dr Greg attended the University of Toronto, Canada, where he obtained a postgraduate degree in Medicine in 1993. He practiced Emergency Medicine for ten years and obtained his Emergency Certification in 2001. He then served as the Chief of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University Health Network in Toronto, Canada, from 2001 to 2005, during which time he worked on the front-line response to the SARS outbreak. Following this, he worked as a Medevac physician for four years for Skyservice Lifeguard, transporting the sick and the injured to and from all parts of the world. He completed a Global Executive MBA at the INSEAD School of Business in 2009.

Areas of Expertise: Remote Healthcare Support, Wellness, Non-Communicable Disease (NCDs), Lifestyle Diseases Prevention, Onsite Health & Wellness planning, COVID-19 Protocol Development