Combating malaria in Africa

Progress is being made in the fight against malaria, a preventable disease. But it is still a major challenge. The WHO states that 3.2 billion people remain at risk. In 2015, there were 214 million new cases of malaria with 438,000 malaria deaths. 

Our Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa region continued to play its part in building awareness and promoting healthy practices. Year by year, we have increased our support for United Against Malaria, by buying bracelets from the Relate Organisation. These proceeds go towards the purchase of mosquito nets. In the past four years, we have bought nearly 14,000 bracelets which helped fund 3,475 nets, protecting over 13,000 children. An extra benefit is that the bracelets
are handmade in Cape Town, which offers job opportunities to the local community.

Malaria Week in Africa continues to be a major focus of our many activities, involving our staff, clinics, clients and local communities. We produced a range of educational materials including posters, pocket guides and playing cards. We held presentations and quizzes and presented education to help prevent infection.

As part of our outreach to local communities, in Chad, we visited the NGO ‘SOS Children’s Village’. We gave a presentation on malaria to the children, plus a donation
of 3,000 Euros collected from our staff in Chad and Dubai.

We also work closely with our clients on malaria prevention. Numerous workshops were held across Ghana, the DRC and elsewhere, often at remote client locations. In the DRC, over 750 employees attended a presentation on preventing malaria, presented by International SOS doctors.