Risk Outlook Trends Watch 2021

The first five months of 2021 have been turbulent. The pandemic has brought compound challenges for organisations - borne from threats like geopolitical instability, unrest and mental health issues.


In December 2020, we published our 2021 predictions. As we enter the second half of the year, our health and security experts reflect on how our predicted trends have evolved in this first six months of 2021. They also provide key recommendations for crisis management and COVID-19 response teams.

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  1. Crisis management throughout COVID-19 – Prior to the pandemic, many organisations recognised the need of having a crisis and risk management framework in place. But this commonly prioritised international travellers and assignees over local national staff. The pandemic has accelerated a transformational risk strategy, involving the domestic workforce in crisis management plans.

  2. Mental health issues impacting the workforce – Mental health is one area that we predicted would be a primary employee productivity disruptor. This has arguably already a reality for many organisations. Anxiety that the workforce can face has evolved over the course of the pandemic. While initially, the anxiety was related to catching the disease, it is now centred on the effects of prolonged isolation and fears about returning to the workplace.

  3. Ecopolitical turbulence & security threats - Throughout the pandemic, we have seen that the economic and psychological impacts of the restrictions have exacerbated pre-existing issues. These have contributed to increased rate of unrest and protests in many locations and hence had an impact on the safety and security of global workforce. During our regional sessions, our experts discuss the latest security events and how an organisation can minimise future impact.
COVID-19 has become the prism through which the future of risk is seen. Amid a global pandemic, bad news is easy to come by. But what will be the positive impacts, if any, on the world in years to come? Like a stone dropping into a pond, COVID-19 is creating ripples of the future:
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