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Our magazine brings you up-to-date news about International SOS, as well as engaging real-life stories about how we leverage our knowledge and expertise to help our clients. Click here to view our latest issue.

Clinic Care Magazine

Clinic Care, our bi-annual magazine provides our readers with interesting and informative information that promotes general health and wellness. Readers can learn and hear from our very own experts. Click here to view editions.



Mental health traveller

How Does Business Travel Impact Mental Health?

In a new study aimed at understanding the behavioural changes directly related to business trips, indicated that half of business travellers acknowledge that their stress, depression and anxiety are heightened. Learn how to support your mobile workforce.


Drone eMagazine

Drones Deploying Medical Supplies & Care

Drones, whether used for shooting spectacular video footage or delivering packages to your home, is one of the most recent phenomena to hit the technology space. Find out how the technology is changing the way healthcare services are provided.

HSE 2030

What will HSE look like in 2030?

The HSE community predict the biggest changes in occupational health and safety by 2030. Learn how your organisation could be impacted in this new research-led study.

Indonesia Earthquakes

The Eye of the Storm: A Story of Resilience in Light of Earthquakes in Indonesia

How a business continuity plan can help protect your people when faced with numerous natural disasters.

Ebola East Africa

The Latest Ebola Outbreak: How Prepared is your Organisation?

With a fatality rate of around 50% and new outbreaks occurring, find out how to take proactive step towards prevention.

IBM Case Study

How IBM is Embedding Employee Safety into its CSR Strategy

Learn how IBM's award-winning programme is helping to protect their people deployed in challenging locations.