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  • Six steps to support your LGBTQ travellers LGBTQ travellers

    Sexual orientation goes beyond travel policies and programmes. It is an organisation’s Duty of Care to adequately prepare its workforce for foreseeable medical and travel security risks, including the specific risks faced by its mobile LGBTQ people.

  • Road Accidents & Safety Road Accident

    According to the World Health Organization, over 1.35 million people are killed each year on the world's roads and tens of millions are injured in road crashes each year. On private or public transport and as a pedestrian, it is important to understand the risks, get the facts, and take steps to protect the safety of your travellers and your organisation.

  • Geopolitics: Changing the Stakes for Business Travellers Geopolitics

    Getting compliance right for your travelling population has never been more important. Find out what implications you could face and how to avoid financial or legal consequences.

  • Damage Control: Learning from 2017's Catastrophic Hurricane Season Hurricanes

    With the hurricane season upon us, find out from our experts about the projected forecasts and the preventative measures your organisation needs to adopt to ensure your people stay safe and ensure business continuity.

  • How AI is Transforming the Future of Healthcare AI in healthcare

    With the exponential growth of AI, it is now playing a leading role in the healthcare industry. What does this mean for your organisation and how can you benefit from this ever-changing technology?