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Client Magazine

Our magazine brings you up-to-date news about International SOS, as well as engaging real-life stories about how we leverage our knowledge and expertise to help our clients. Click here to view our latest issue.

Clinic Care Magazine

Clinic Care, our bi-annual magazine provides our readers with interesting and informative information that promotes general health and wellness. Readers can learn and hear from our very own experts. Click here to view editions.



Eye catching headlines

The Truth Behind Eye-Catching Headlines

In recent months, the impact and influence of ‘fake news’, alternative truths and human errors in reporting have been under more scrutiny than ever. Our experts explain the six questions you need to ask yourself in order to evaluate medical and security advice and information.

Improve resilience

3 Top Tips to Improve Resilience

In a global survey conducted by Ipsos MORI, the biggest challenges that organisations face in protecting their mobile workforce are: education about travel risks, communication during a crisis and tracking travellers. Putting in place an optimum Business Continuity Plan for resilience in a crisis can keep your business on course.

Incident support

Out-of-Office, In Control

Immediately after a serious event - we will manage your traveller status updates.

Emotional support

Emotional Support: The Missing Link

Discover the world’s first emotional support service for a mobile workforce.

Diverse workforce

Protecting a Diverse Mobile Workforce

How to effectively manage the travel safety, health and security of your diverse workforce.

360 eMagazine

Assistance Centre 360 Video

Experience what it is really like to be in one of our Assistance Centres.