WEBINAR | COVID-19 Vaccine Corporate Strategy (Mandarin)

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WEBINAR | COVID-19 Vaccine Corporate Strategy (Mandarin)
Start Date:
18 March 2021
End Date:
18 March 2021
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+86 10 6462 9100
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As the development of dozens of COVID-19 vaccines moves into the testing phase, corporate organisations are beginning to compete to develop corporate vaccination strategies to maximise the health and safety of their employees and the community at large. With vaccine roll-out programmes varying greatly from country to country and subject to strict local government regulation, the key question remains - how can a globally operating business organisation develop an effective vaccination programme for its employees under controlled conditions?

With decades of experience in managing and implementing global vaccination programmes for clients, International SOS has invited healthcare experts to host the online seminar to help business managers improve the resilience of their workforce and ensure that they can quickly and effectively restart their cross-border operations at home and overseas.

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