Webinar | Malaysia COVID-19 Situation Update: Ensuring Workforce Resilience

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Webinar | Malaysia COVID-19 Situation Update: Ensuring Workforce Resilience
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02 November 2020
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02 November 2020
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+603 2787 3000
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Malaysia is currently braving through its third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Just as the nation was beginning to resume normality in business and lifestyle, the daily spikes in confirmed cases returned higher than before. The government has now re-issued the Work From Home directive for regions under a Conditional Movement Control Order. Are we back to square one? Or are we better prepared and equipped now? What is the current situation in Malaysia and what can we expect in the months to come? From a business perspective, how do you ensure the resilience of your workforce?

To address your concerns, we are pleased to have Dr Chan Yanjun, Medical Director for Malaysia and James Robertson, Security Director, Australasia from International SOS. During this live webinar, they will provide the latest report and advice on:

  • Malaysia's third wave and situational update
  • Signs indicating possible resurgence of COVID-19 cases
  • The current Government efforts in battling COVID-19 (Has anything changed?)
  • Return to Operations, Flexible Business Continuity Plans and Workforce Resilience
  • COVID-19 testing: RT-PCR Tests vs Rapid Tests
  • Vaccine development


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