Webinar | COVID-19: Business preparedness in Kazakhstan

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Webinar | COVID-19: Business preparedness in Kazakhstan
Start Date:
09 September 2020
End Date:
09 September 2020
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+43 676 643 0018
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For many organisations in Kazakhstan, staying ahead of the COVID-19 developments is the top priority and the risk of an impending second wave may complicate this further. It could mean redefined lockdowns, return to restrictions, changing regulations, uncertainty about access to healthcare and basic medications. These plus other key factors will continue to test our emotional and mental health resilience. As such, how well is your organisation positioned to overcome these challenges?

To obtain the latest insight and advice, join International SOS - EUROBAK joint online event, which agenda includes:

  • Kazakhstan situational update
  • Best practices for maintaining a safe workspace: Kazakhstan case studies, examples and tools organisations can learn from
  • How organisations should plan to mitigate the risks of a second wave for their workforce
  • Our event will help you to answer questions such as 'What to be aware of and how to plan?', 'How to maintain a safe working space?', and 'How to reassure your staff and keep them safe?'


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